Jonah Shayne Das Abenteuerbuch wie kein anderes
 Jonah Shayne Das Abenteuerbuch  wie kein anderes


The greatest adventures

of all time

Part 1 and Part 2


Dennis Brendan




Jonah goes down to a small park on the shore of Lake Constance and as he is sitting there on a bench, an old, tattered beggar walks by him and loses a small case. Jonah picks it up, opens it and finds three cryptan-stones inside: one white, one black and one colourless. An enclosed message makes Jonah’s situation difficult. He must choose between the three stones in order to see his Dad again. Subsequently there is a discussion between the old beggar and Jonah. The beggar points out the grave meaning of the stones to Jonah before he disappears into thin air. If Jonah decides in favour of the black pebble, he will experience fantastic adventures, get a magic wand and a magic cape. He must have both items with him at all times in the world of the black stone to have tremendous power. Unfortunately in his unabated love of adventure, he chooses the black stone. This has consequences! Jonah suddenly finds himself in the eerie country of Palindromia. Unexpectedly the green landscape changes into a snow-covered threatening setting. In a spooky castle up on a cliff Jonah meets up with the forbidding, dressed in black, power-hungry queen “Celegna” and her followers. The queen forces Jonah to sign a contract with considerable consequences. By signing Jonah will bind himself, his friends and all children to pay for the outrageous federal debt of the country of Palindromia starting immediately and continuing into the future. Palindromia is finished. The lights have already gone out in the queen’s castle. The bailiff is a permanent guest in Palindromia’s governing palace. Soon the entire country is dark and cold.


The last chance Palindromia has is Jonah.


He is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: if he signs the contract, Palindromia will be saved but he will condemn the children and the children’s children to terrible suffering for all time. If he doesn’t sign, Jonah must stay in the dark country, Palindromia, as punishment. This would be his demise as he would never be able to find his way back into the real world. Jonah, having a pronounced sense of justice, absolutely refuses to sign the dubious contract. The queen offers him an alternative: He must find the “bankers” who stole incredible amounts of money from Palindromia and then disappeared without a trace. The gate to the world of the white pebble will only be opened for him when he returns the money. At first Jonah doesn’t want to take this choice either. 


He has no idea where the “bankers” have flown to. He is just able to escape from the dark castle and the power-hungry, greedy queen with the help of his magic wand and cape. The queen and her men pursue him relentlessly. In the mad rush to escape, Jonah didn’t notice that one of the red henchmen had attached a small mini-transmitter onto his cape. The transmitter makes it possible to locate him – anytime, anywhere. An extremely exciting, dramatic, action-packed chase begins with many sequences of events. In spite of the adversities, Jonah is able to escape the clutches of the queen and her henchmen again and again. Jonah runs from one adventure to the next.   He can not understand how the queen is able to keep catching up to him with her futuristic and other mysterious aircraft and to track him. The suspense is barely tolerable.The adventures never end. Jonah flees. With the help of his magic wand, Jonah lands on a Lake Constance excursion boat and meets Danica and her Mom. The queen and her followers come racing up with several black, fantasy motorboats and ram into the ship. After a violent explosion, the ship sinks into Lake Constance. All the passengers, except for Danica and Jonah, are rescued by a catamaran. They are fortunately able to swim to the Swiss shore of the lake and save themselves. Jonah and Danica are now able to get away by using Jonah’s silver wand. After a flight over the Allgaeu and Vorarlberg (a foothill region of the Alps), they land in Oberstdorf. Jonah and Danica encounter Yannick by the ski jumps. The queen and her men get alarmingly close to the crew. In this predicament, Jonah thinks of a fast, flying car and an escape into space. His magic wand makes his wish come true. As if driven by a ghost, suddenly a silver Jaguar comes loating in and lands right in front of the crew. Jonah, Danica and Yannick get in. The silver car flies first to Lake Constance and then follows the mountain “Ifen 2000” in the Kleinwalser Valley and uses this mountain as its launching pad for the flight into space. The queen and her henchmen follow the crew with their black, flying Lamborghini Countach to just short of the moon but because of technical problems, the queen and her flying vehicle must return immediately to the Earth. Thankfully she must give up the chase. The silver Jaguar continues to fly on into space with its three passengers.Thanks to a new kind of propulsion technology the flying car can even transcend light-years. There is enough oxygen, cola, lemonade, food, etc. for many light-years on board. Jonah and his team are glad to have a break to recover as they fly by beautiful stars. Jonah, Danica and Yannick pass close by the Horsehead Nebula, land on the planet Carion-Signa and, from there, marvel at the Trifid Nebula. Suddenly the three adventurers are overtaken by the Countach. It is not the queen that has followed them but two thirteen-year old boys, Timo and Andy. Due to certain circumstances, Timo and Andy carelessly got into the queen’s refuelled Countach in Palindromia and were shot into outer space. Timo and Andy ask Jonah, Danica and Yannick for help. Timo gets into the Jaguar but Andy doesn’t make it. The Countach is hit by a small meteorite and is blasted into the far reaches of outer space. Timo is swept away too. The crew is just able to save Andy with a daredevil manoeuvre at the very last second. Jonah, Danica, Yannick and the two new friends, Timo and Andy, are able to continue the flight ogether in the Jaguar. The team passes by breathtaking galaxies and fantastic planets going from one thrilling adventure to the next.

After landing on an oxygen-rich planet, they have to go through an unimaginably suspenseful adventure. Next the Jaguar is drawn towards a black hole. In their reckless love for adventure, Jonah and his friends decide to fly right into the gigantic black hole. With the help of the magic wand and a daring manoeuvre Jonah is able to drive the Jaguar out of the black hole with a left-turning loop just in time. The crew just barely manages to survive another adventure!

The hyper-technical navigation system on board leads them to a fantastically beautiful galaxy far away. There are three planets here: “Apandera”, “Antania” and “Antarkia”. They decide to land on the marvellous planet “Apandera”. Jonah and his friends are fascinated by the magnificent “Future City” where they meet up with the charismatic Princess Aymara and her thirteen-year-old brother, Askanian. Princess Aymara shows the crew around and explains about the peaceful life and the new economical structure which prevail on the planets, “Apandera”, “Antania” and “Antarkia”. Princess Aymara and her people live in peace, happiness and freedom. There are no wars, no petty conflicts, no violence or crime. Aymara bestows a marvellous message on Jonah and explains to him that he alone has been chosen to spread this message to the people of the Earth. Afterwards, they fly with Askanian to the planet “Antania” and meet with the last unicorn, who also gives them a magnificent message. Askanian promises to help Jonah. He reveals the “bankers’” hideout. The “bankers” escaped from the Earth in a secretly built spaceship with the stolen money from Palindromia to the planet, TUCANAE, which is one light-year away. They built themselves an enormous palace on TUCANAE.

Jonah, his friends and Askanian succeed in recovering the stolen money in a staggering mission. The crew stores the Palindromia money in the boot of the silver Jaguar. The front of the silver car has twin-jet Hyper-Ionic-Laser-Canons built in. Jonah and Yannick quickly destroy the thieves’ spaceship. Now the “bankers” will never be able to return from their palace to the Earth to do crooked business and will have to remain on the dark planet, TUCANAE, for the rest of their lives. Thus the “bankers” got what they deserved for their criminal deeds to the Palindromia people and to the children.

Askanian insists that the five adventurers fly to the planet “Antarkia” and Princess Aymara joins them there. The children from the three planets have prepared a huge farewell ceremony on the freedom planet. Princess Aymara senses that she must say “good-bye” to her brother Askanian as he wants to stay with his new friends and fly back with them to the Earth. The children from the planet “Antarkia” put on a truly fantastic farewell ceremony for Jonah’s team!

However there is still a virtually unsolvable problem:How can the team return to exactly the same time and location on the Earth as when they left??? During the return trip Jonah and his friends notice that Princess Aymara has stored an unconventionally-looking piece of equipment in the silver Jaguar. It is a fully developed and perfected hyper modern “New space – time machine”. The silver car accelerates to multiple speed of light after Jonah programmes in the correct date. They break through a giant space-core wall at the end of the universe and are catapulted into a different dimension. The highly developed Hyper-tech navigational system takes over the rest. The five boys and one girl fly by fantastic stars and are fascinated by their beauty and colours. At the end of their trip, they take a short excursion to Jupiter and its moons. They try to make a spectacular landing on one of the moons, Io. After a short visit to Mars, they continue on towards the large, blue planet called Earth.

Hardly has the team arrived back in Palindromia on the Earth when the insane chase by the Palindromia queen “Celegna” and her henchmen relentlessly continues. They feel the adrenalin during the breakneck chases. Finally the crew is able to give the queen and her henchmen their fair penalty but this “penalty procedure” requires powerful nerves. Jonah and his friends hand over the recovered money to the queen. In return the queen does without the contract signature and finally agrees to stop her pursuit. At the very last moment, Jonah is able to pull himself away from the ever increasing power of the black pebble.

Suddenly Jonah and his friends find themselves in a lovely, calm and peaceful countryside dotted with thousands of flowers. Jonah and his friends unexpectedly meet the good fairies “Peace,” “Happiness” and “Freedom”. Jonah recognises the old beggar, who had lost the case, in the fairy “Freedom. The two fairies, “Happiness” and “Peace” show Danica, Yannick, Timo, Andy and Askanian the path into the world of the white stone. They suddenly disappear without saying good-bye to Jonah. In his tender and motivating final conversation with the fairy “Freedom, Jonah discovers that he has been fooled in the fantasy and
enchanted world and is not really able to change anything for the better. Therefore Jonah takes leave of the fantasy world for good and doesn’t want to have anything more to do with the power of the black stone.

Unfortunately Jonah is not able to solve the mystery as to where his friends have gone. He is very sad and cries because he lost his dear friends just before he leaves the black world. They disappeared into nothingness. The fairy comforts him. There is still one mission that Jonah must complete. If he passes this test then the endearing fairy “Freedom” will make sure that Jonah finds his way back into reality.She promises him that he will see his friends again in the world of the white pebble. For the time being Jonah must return to reality alone.

Jonah definitively decides in favour of the power of the white stone and a life in a world that is waiting to be changed by him using peaceful methods. Fighting back the tears, he wordlessly takes leave of the fairy. However he still wants to see the fairy again! The fairy promises him that, “If you call me, I will come”. Jonah gives the fairy a final tender kiss on the cheek.He gives her a questioning look and the fairy says in her parting words: “Freedom, I am called Freedom”. The fairy wistfully and tenderly strokes Jonah’s soft hair. Jonah can not find the three Stones. Only the black one is in the small case. Jonah must find the other stones.


It begins a great adventures …





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